Branding and Consultation


Our Goal

Respira is a biophilic designed wall of plants that acts as a living air filter that you caninstall in your home. The roots act as a natural filter to contaminated air streams.Their purpose is to enhance the experience people have in their homes through a connectionto nature and improved air quality.

Respira needed a brand that made them stand out as a unique and green air filtration system. They are one of the only companiesbringing green walls to the residential space, and therefore needed a communication strategy that people can welcome into theirhomes. The walls are simple, low maintenance, and have incredible benefits for mental health andthe overall quality of life indoors. The brand had to communicate a degree of joy in thesimplicity and wonder of Respira.

Our Results

Respira’s brand is Clean, Lively, and Biological. The smooth andflowing gradients mimic the infinite flow of air passing throughthe plants. The forms are loose and inspired by the organic formsof roots and leaves. The logo is simple, sophisticated, rooted innature, and also scientific. Overall, the brand is trustworthy andstable, while still maintaining an edge and the ability to piqueinterest.

The logo is designed to have a one-colour twin, that can be used on the face of the product with production methods that don't require printing with many (if any at all) inks.

Respira’s logo is a simple organic symbol and wordmark. The lettering is clean, calming, and modern. The symbol plays with the idea of circulating air. The gradient in the symbol communicates motion and the filtration of air in a biological system. The infinity sign hidden in the symbol demonstrates that this system is self sustainable. The organic forms mimic leaves, and also the modular arrangement of the leaves resembles a fan.

Using Respira's brand, we also helped to develop digital resources. In sticking with the simple brand, icons were developed to aid in communicating features.

By staying online, they were able to reduce their need for printed collateral. Meaning less paper, less inks, and less future waste.