Out of the Cold

Branding and Web Design/Development for Out of the Cold Community Association, a shelter that provides low barrier, people-centred support rooted in anti-oppressive and harm reduction practices.


Halifax Mutual Aid

Branding, Print and Web Design/Development for Halifax Mutual Aid, a volunteer group committed to taking action against houselessness in Halifax by building small crisis shelters.


Ken Flett Factory

Web Design/Development for Ken Flett, a local artist, puppeteer, photographer, and educator. We collaborated on a site that explored his work through memories and storytelling.



Branding, Print and Web Design/Development for Oxherder, a local sustainable carpenter and woodworker.


Stop the Clearcuts

Print Design for Extinction Rebellion Nova Scotia. Rallies and demonstrations were calling for an end to irresponsible clear cutting. This campaign aimed to bring a moratorium from the provincial government on even-age harvests until they ratify the Leahy Report.



Branding, User Research, UI/UX Design and Prototyping for Pal, a speculative app for young folks to reduce their time spent on social media by connecting them with individuals and activities in their area to create lasting, meaningful relationships offline.

Winner of the Silver A' Design Award for Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design. Milan, Italy, 2020.


Queer Superheroes Colouring Pages

Illustration for a pilot program to support queer, trans, and non-binary youth. The program was created by Imagining Futures, who created a mental health support program currently being piloted across New Brunswick high schools. These illustrations are base drawings for youth to draw themselves as superheroes with their unique gifts and contributions.



User Research, UI/UX Design and Safepath, an app for people with impaired mobility or vision that leverages crowd-sourced information on sidewalk obstructions to help people map their journey from A to B. This project is currently being developed at Berkley University.

Winner of the Iron A' Design Award for Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design. Milan, Italy, 2021.

✻ In collaboration with Paul Guardia.



Branding and Consultation for Respira, a biophilic designed wall of plants that acts as a living air filter.


Josephine Watson for the Green Party

Illustration and Print Design for Josephine Watson's campaign running for MLA of the Green Party.



Branding, Web Design/Development, and Illustration for our collective.

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