Josephine Watson for the Green Party

Illustration and Print Design


Our Goal

Josephine Watson ran for the 2020 municipal elections in Moncton, Canada. As her first time running for a political party, she wanted her community to get to know her as a neighbour, rather than a politician. Her background is in the arts; she acts, sings, writes poetry and is engaged with the creative folks in her town.

She was interested in getting involved with the Green Party to make a difference in her community. She was running on three D's: Dignity, Diversity and Dedication. Her platform was unique to her district's competitors and she wanted to embrace that in her campaign fully.

Our Results

Every campaign poster in her district followed the same style. They had a flattering headshot against a flat background of their party's colour. Josephine was interested in pushing those boundaries. We worked with her on a colour palette that suited her vibrant personality and highlighted the Green Party's main commitment to environmental action.

Her signs drew in massive attention and support for both her platform and the Green Party. Josephine doubled the Green Party vote in her district from the last election.