DLT–CMD (pronounced delete–command) is a unique community and ecologically-minded design collective working to change the role of brands and websites.

DLT–CMD was founded in 2020 by Drew Tozer. She was disappointed by a lack of ecological accountability in the design world. The underlying consumer oriented objectives of most projects meant that people and resources were being used without a second thought. She was inspired to imagine and create a new way of working in design by the writings of Victor Papanek and Murray Bookchin.

DLT–CMD signifies a deletion of hierarchies as they exist in a design context. (The designer's command over users and consumers; and the designer's command over resources and energy.) DLT–CMD provides honest and simple design solutions that put the needs of people first, rather than a company's bottom line.

Our core services

Low-Carbon Web Design

We take every step to build websites that are low-carbon in order to offset the enormous (and increasing) volumes of energy needed to power the Internet.

Sincere Branding

We create simple and honest visual identities for individuals, small businesses and organizations that work to strengthen their communities.

Additional Services

Logo Design
Print Design

We have alternative payment structures to ensure community-oriented organizations have access to design services.We work with you to develop a plan that suits your budget.


We can work together to establish a bartering plan that equates to full or partial value of our services.


We've allocated resources to take on important projects pro-bono.

This page emitted just 0.12g of CO2, 90% better than the average tested web page.
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